Crowley Hall Ghosts

Crowley Hall Ghosts

The Ghosts of Crowley Hall is a documentary currently being made about the Paranormal Investigation that was carried out at the hall during the summer. It shows the true events of Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady, his team of Investigators and their findings at the hall.

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The Ghost at Temple House

Through a local ghost hunting team that I have had regular correspondence with, I had heard about Temple House. The team had previously investigated the house and had found some interesting results. They had decided to go back in a few months time and asked if I would be interested in joining them along with my team. With a different team assessing the results it would be easier to verify the findings. This interested me a great deal.

The building itself was very old, and had been built in the early nineteenth century, originally as a home for a local dignitary. Although the outside looked like a building that had been standing around for many years, the interior was newly furnished, as offices, and top of the range equipment.

Dr Katherine Copeland carried out her routine tests as always and came back with very little in the way of any abnormal on either the thermometer or on the Gauss meter. She did warn us of the electromagnetic fields that would be a around due to the amount of equipment that was plugged in. We decided that the gauss meter would be pretty useless in these surroundings and decided against taking it with us.

Our spiritual medium Annabel Keogh tried to contact and spirits that may be around the building. This is where things began to get very interesting for the team.

She had picked up on the name 'Alice Carruthers'. This is the name that the previous team had picked up on also. She was a girl who had been working at the house as a maid to the original owner. Apparently she had become pregnant by the owners son after a brief affair. Instead of and help and support, she was pushed down some stairs by the son, who saw this situation as embarrassing and worried about his standing in the community.

We decided to begin our investigation around the stairs, after Ann told us that she could feel no spirit presences anywhere else in the building. However, she could feel that Alice was causing some paranormal activity to let us know that she was there. Ann also wanted to help the lost spirit in finding the other side, once the investigation was over. We set-up our equipment and waited to see what the night had in store for us.

In started out quietly with nothing much really going on, a few minor sounds that had some of the other team members jumping but other than that very little was happening.

It was when Annabel told us that she could feel the spirit of Alice on the staircase, that the hairs began to rise on the back of our necks.

We positioned the cameras towards the stairs and sent Katherine up with the temperature gauge. She reported a degrees drop in temperature that she couldn't find the reason for.

We shouted out and heard what sounded like a small whistle. Nothing was recorded on the video cameras, except for some orbs that were picked up around the stairs on the still cameras.

At this point, we decided that would hold a sance with a Ouija board. We asked out for information and received on the board the messages of "Sad" and "Baby". Ann told us that this girl was very unhappy, as she was unable to give birth to her baby before she had died.

The message 'James' also came through, the man who had killed her at the stairs. We knew that this was where she had died.

Nothing else happened during this session, so we packed away our equipment and waited. Shouting out again, we received some bumps and bangs in answer to our questions. We also had a large drop in temperature, that once again Katherine couldn't find an explanation for. We also heard strange whistling again and several more times after that.

When the morning came, we had collected enough information and recorded several occurrences that had made the night worthwhile. Not as much as we had hoped for, but it had not been a waste of time.

Annabel cleansed the house of the spirit, which she always request to be alone in doing so. We went home again to examine the data we had collected and make some conclusion to our findings.

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