Crowley Hall Ghosts

Crowley Hall Ghosts

The Ghosts of Crowley Hall is a documentary currently being made about the Paranormal Investigation that was carried out at the hall during the summer. It shows the true events of Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady, his team of Investigators and their findings at the hall.

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The Child-Like Spirit

Our ghost hunting team had been contacted by a couple who claimed to be suffering from what seemed to a poltergeist in their own home. The couple had moved into the home, in the Midlands, and showed signs of a haunting as soon as they moved in.

Some of the activity had included some items disappearing, strange noises in the night and doors slamming by themselves. The one thing that interested us immensely, was what appeared to be ectoplasm appearing on the skirting boards in some of the rooms.

The team firstly had to research the history of the property. As it a residential house not much could be found out about it. However, we did manage to speak to the previous property owners, who claimed that none of this had happened whilst they had been living there. The fact that they moved out a year after purchasing the property tells us that they knew a lot more.

Our first opinion of the house was of calm and serene, no strange atmosphere whatsoever. We started by investigating some of the rooms of the house, but we found nothing out of the ordinary. The spare bedroom showed was slightly colder than the rest of the house, which was unusual but not unheard of in some of the other locations we had investigated.

As we brought Annabel in to do a reading of the property we heard a small bump from one of the rooms upstairs. Quickly running up there we found one of the children's toys had mysteriously fallen from a shelf. Annabel soon came into contact with the energies of a spirit.

We called out and were surprised to hear a slight scratching noise coming from the skirting board. We continued to call out, however we heard no other noises. Annabel continued to try to contact the spirtit.

Annabel claimed that she felt the energies of a short man, no bigger than five feet tall, in his mid thirties in the room with us. He didn't seem a malicious spirit but Annabel could tell there was some form of Autism that this man was suffering from. He died when he accidentally fell out of his bedroom window, which was the room we happened to be in. This man had the intelligence of a someone much younger than himself, and his spirit had found the enjoyment of watching the couple's children at play.

I asked Annabel if she could get the ghost to visit us later as I wanted to focus our attention on the children's playroom. Annabel claimed the spirit of the man had agreed to stay with us. Excitedly we began to set up our equipment in this bedroom and waited for the spirit to present himself to us.

For the first couple of hours we got very little in the way of paranormal activity; a few bumps and clicks but no hard evidence. We began to get a little downbeat until one of the team claimed that they had been touched on the hip.

Annabel told us straight away that the ghost, had now told her his name was 'George', and was with us in the room. We asked George if he could show something to us, and the results were quite creepy. Emma, one of the new members of the team, said that she heard a groaning noise from next to her. Katherine investigated the area with the temperature reader, and in that one spot, the temperature reading was a whole degree less than anywhere else in this room.

We thanked the ghost and asked for more activity, once again one of the other members of the team told us that they had just felt a small tug around their hip/leg area. Annabel claimed that this was indeed George playing around and that, in his childlike state of mind, was laughing at making us all jump!

George's ghost continued with more touching and whispering into people's ears, but we wanted to see more from George. We asked if he could throw one of the children's toys at us. We waited, but there was nothing in return. At this point we decided to retire. Annabel wanted to stay behind and help George over to the other side.

As we were leaving the room we heard a small thump against one of the walls, turning we found a small cuddly toy on the ground. Knowing that this could only be the work of the ghost, we re-entered and asked him to do the same again. Annabel asked if George wanted us to go, he didn't, which got some the female members of the team aahing. I got Annabel to tell him that we wouldn't leave if he would throw another cuddly toy.

Bingo! We heard another bump from the corner of the room. Once again a toy was lying on the floor. As we investigated this act, we heard repeated bumps from the area of the toy and the corner.

We all agreed that as dawn approached it was time for us to leave the house and move on. Annabel stayed to help the spirit to the other side, which a lot of us questioned whether he would actually want to go. But as Ann left the house with a big smile on her face and the mother of the household giving her a hug goodbye, we knew that Annabel had been successful in helping George move on.

Katherine Copeland agreed that some of the activity had been very exciting, but disappointing in the fact that we had not experienced any ectoplasm that had been reported there. If she had found some, it would have convinced her a little more.

I had been fascinated by the fact that we were able to get the ghost to throw the toys for us when we asked him to. I think it was a very enjoyable experience for the whole team.

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